Feb 9, 2016

It’s long day!!!

Tuesday is a long day for this semester. Wake up early and have class until at night, but it’s a productive day. It’s good to start my day earlier and I will be able to do many more things than the other day.

The meeting today was really good and it’s one of the wonderful things that I have as a graduate student. We started with Parth’s research. I was so impressive with his work. He put a lot of effort on his research and it went very well, even though he was so busy with his exams. His data analysis was so amazing and I am so excited to see the results of his project.

My research is okay, not much progress. But I got so many wonderful perspectives from Dr.London today. First, we looked at the level of confidence of the answer through the question, then we changed the word to degree of confidence/certainty. It was very interesting to catch it up because it will provide the general idea that people feel that they are making an impact or not. So I need to look for any other studies that describe a certain perception in personal confidence. Or I can ask my professor in Intro Qualitative class about this idea.

We also talked about the scope of influence which is good to see who will get the impact on their works. But for deeper understanding about how they get an impact. As I did earlier was not really show the right connection of the impact. So Dr.London suggested me to redo it by creating a concept map to see the connection of the impact. I like this idea s much and it will help me to understand deeper about the impact. I wish that this approach will give us a framework that we can explain a general idea of the perception of impact.

So the task for this week is to

  1. Search for framework that describes a certain perception in a personal confidence.
  2. Analyze data using concept map (start with 5 participants and see how it goes).

Have a good night!