Dec 1, 2015

Finally! My final research paper is done!!!

I am so happy that I complete my first semester at ASU. Fours months here was a great experience. I did so many things out of my comfort zones and hopefully I will get a good grade for this semester.

The reason why I need a good grade is just I wanna make my PhD study to be easier. Many people said “grade is not much important, you should enjoy your college’s life and get more experiences as much as you can”. It’s true. But for anyone who wants to pursue their education in higher level, grade is important. The lesson that I learnt from applying for grad school is we need to build our profile as best as we can , apply less school to reduce the cost. 🙂

Anyway, my quick research that I did for one of my research class is “the returns to communication skills in the U.S.” using a dataset from PIAAC. It was great to play with data and present what you have found. I am so glad that my friends like my research.

After drinking mojoto, my brain is like blocked and I couldn’t come up with any ideas. So have a good night.




One thought on “Dec 1, 2015

  1. jeremilondon says:

    Hi Ton,
    Thanks again for your thoughtful post. I wholeheartedly agree with you– grades matter. Yes, we are supposed to enjoy school and enjoy life, but when being a student is your main priority, you have to demonstrate that you succeeding in it. Good grades is the way to show that.

    I see you mentioned the possibility of a PhD. I’m curious. Say more, please. What would you like to study? How does the PhD connect with some long-term goals. There’s a wonderful book I read just before going to graduate school called “Getting What You Came For”. It helped me sort out my motivations for going to graduate school, helped explained the different stages of what I was getting myself into, and give practical advice on how to make the most of grad school. Check it out and order a copy if this sounds interesting to you. (I think the book was about $10-$15 on Amazon when I got it.)


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