Dec 3, 2015

Hello from Denver!!

I dream to have a job that I can work anywhere. And now it comes true.

Today I create dedoose account but I haven’t learn any tutorials. I try to watch the introduction but it’s kinda complicated. Also I can’t focus on it. So I stop playing with dedoose and picked “how to write a lot” to read. Finally, I find out that it is a very good idea.

After I read for one page, I find so many words that I haven’t seen before. I need to use dictionary while I am reading. I think it’s good to learn new words but it’s not fun. So I try to stop using dictionary and imagine the meaning of new words based on the context. My reading was faster and I am more enjoyable reading it.

This morning I read 2 chapters which are “introduction” and “specious barriers to writing a lot”.  The author mentioned that “writing is a skill, not an innate gift or a special talent”. This sentence is so touched. When I was in college, I have a friend who is very energetic and write a lot. She wrote a blog, a book, even on facebook, she can write a very long story about everything. I just felt like it would be great if I could do like her. But at the same time, I thought that it’s her talent and I can’t do it because I don’t have that talent. Right now, I realize that it is not a talent, it’s the skill. As long as I practice everyday, I feel more comfortable and I can write more and more.

Chapter 2 captured my attention. We are always find a reason to support our excuses to not to do this , not to do that, to write as well. I don’t have time and I don’t feel like I wanna write right now are also my excuses before. To overcome these barriers, we need to do something and this book guides the ways to overcome them.

Making a schedule and sticking to it are the best way to improve your writing. Writing regularly is the key success. When we do something regularly, it will become our habit. When it is our habit, we will feel like we lose or miss something if we forget to do it. The author suggested to allocate the time that we want, and set it as something important for your day like going to gym or playing sport. So how can I apply this suggestion? As Dr.London suggested us to write at least 15 mins a day for  3 days or more per week. I set the schedule that I should write in the morning before I go out or in the late at night before bed time. I would rather to do it as regular as I can.

Moreover, this book gives me more understanding about writing. “Writing is more than typing words. Any action that is instrumental in completing a writing project counts as writing.” Also, “equipment will never help you write a lot; only making a schedule and stick to it will make you a productive writer.” And this sentence is really touched my feeling, “waiting for inspiration doesn’t work.” It is absolutely true.

Don’t wasted time on waiting for inspiration. Just do it!!!



One thought on “Dec 3, 2015

  1. jeremilondon says:

    One of the joys of the line of research that I/we do is that it is mostly done from a computer– and there aren’t many places you can’t take a computer! So this lends itself to quite a bit of autonomy in when and where you can work, and that’s a wonderful feeling. I’ve said all of this to say, I share in your joy of this aspect of conducting social science research.

    …and it seems like you are enjoying some good reading in your book! Whether we like it or not, flashes of inspiration are not a requirement for writing. They’re helpful, and they happen from time to time; but in general, good writing comes from practicing writing and getting feedback on it, and making adjustments in light of the feedback. (In fact, scholarly literature on how expertise develops says this is the process by which we can develop expertise in any aspect of life.) Keep up the good work with practicing your writing! I enjoy reading your post. In the spring semester, I’ll talk about an idea for addressing the need for feedback.

    By the way, please enjoy Denver and takes lots of pictures. I’ve heard it’s a beautiful place. Maybe as part of our first research group meeting of the semester, we can each share photos related to highlights of things we did over the winter break. 🙂


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