Jan 27, 2016

Such a good day!!

Wednesday is the midday of the week. It’s a sign that this week will pass by soon. As a high school student, I would like Wednesday so much because the weekend will be coming soon. Now as a graduate student and a researcher, Wednesday is not a really good sign. I wish time would go slower. 🙂

We didn’t have a team meeting on Tuesday. It had pros and cons. I can stayed up late and woke up late on Tuesday, however, we hasn’t discussed about the task for this week. Since I got some emails on asana, I thought that the tasks of this week were started coding about the impact in question 1 , and read the attached file about U-shape journal article.

I started this week by reading the U-shape journal article. This is an amazing conclusion about journal article. I learned a lot about research. I also did a small research last semester. But if someone ask me how to do research or what structure of a research should be, I might struggle with it. But after seeing the title and the visual. Something clicked in my mind. “This is the concept of research.”

After that, I did coding for question 1 which is about the impact. This was tough. The answers were so diverse. People answered in many different things. So coming up with the code that represented each idea was not easy at all. I did 13 cases and I tried to collaborated the codes and made a code book. Now I came up with 4 primary scopes of influence-Theory & Pedagogy, People, institution, and Global impact. I would like to discuss more about this framework , also the framework from question 4 too in our meeting tomorrow.

However, there was an answer that I had no idea about it and did not know how could I code it. The text were “Yes, slowly but surely sort of one-by-one.  In our field there isn’t a lotta measurable—what we do is in the economics field we do a survey nationally every five years.  I’m not sure that it’s shown up yet in terms of that.  There’s certainly a difference, well, A, in terms of what we see at now in our teaching and research conference on economic education and references to work that we’ve done.  Our pedagogical portal for example we see that coming up and referenced a fair bit, so we know that it’s having some impact.  Again, how many people it’s changing and how many students are being affected by that we don’t know, right?  Yeah.”

I am excited for Dr.London’s presentation tomorrow. It will be a great opportunity to open my vision.

Have a good night 🙂



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