Feb 6, 2016

Good day!!

After done with coding, today I started to collaborate codes together. The first aspect that I focused on is do they feel like they making an impact. The answer can be divided into 3 categories including “yes”, “no”, and “not sure”. There are also different level of confidence of making impact. Some people thought that their works are definitely have an impact while some just believe that they make an impact. However, all of these were falling into “yes” category. While “not sure” category had a distinct conversation. Some people said they are not sure , I hope so, or I don’t know how much impact I made. These had a different implication from “yes”. So I put them into “not sure” category.

The following aspect that I looked is what do they think they made an impact on. It could be anything excluding people. So I categorized them into 5 groups including “students”, “institutions”, “educators”, “people”, and “knowledge”. Institution has 2 subgroups which are universities and schools. The reason why I separated educators and people because I saw the distinction between people in education settings and people from the outside. However, this is just a draft. It can be changed when I analyzed more data or when I look through the final aspect which is how the impact is.  This is difficult one because the answers are different. I’m still grouping them. I’m seeing a big picture of how the impact is but to categorize them into groups and define a proper title for each group is not easy. I might do it again tomorrow, maybe I could see it in a different perspectives.

Have a good night 🙂


One thought on “Feb 6, 2016

  1. jeremilondon says:

    Your codes related to the participant’s level of confidence makes me wonder if there is an existing framework related to confidence. Please remind me to talk about this at our next research group meeting. Also, we may want to develop a first-level code called something like “Scale” or “Scope” or “Scope of Influence”. Within that, sub-codes might include things like a single individual, a group of individuals, a single setting (e.g., classroom, department), multiple (similar setting), a diverse settings. This is just a brainstorm. Let’s talk more about this as well as we talk about ways to refine the codebook in preparation for the next round of coding.


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