Mar 16, 2016

First day of WRITING!!!

From day 1 and day 2 in the book, I learned a lot of how to be confident in writing also what journal editors wanted to see from our papers. First, the book was talking about the feeling of us on writing. So my feeling about My Experience of Writing is that

Writing was not a friend of mine. I remembered that I didn’t like writing since I was young. And I believed that I never could do it. When I was growing up, I saw many of my friends writing a blog. I just was jealous them and I never tried to do it. Because I just thought that it was hard. However, my experience as a researcher with Dr.London changed my mind. This is the truth and I am not trying to exaggerate, “I am waiting for this moment, the time of writing.” I want to write and I believe that I could do it and I’ll have fun with it, even though it’s not easy at all.

Then the book talked about the negative feeling about writing.

The common elements in my negative feeling about writing are the ambiguity of the idea, grammatical problem, inadequate vocabularies, inexperienced writing skills, and laziness. 

However, when we talked about the positive experiences in writing, I also have them.

Since I started my job and worked on my class. I practiced writing a lot. And I saw that Starbucks is the best place to write.  🙂 I felt happy when my work was done, but I also felt excited when I came up with a good idea. Two things that make me feel good when writing are ” just enjoy it” and ” just write simply”. I know that I could not write a master piece writing, just communicate the idea by simple writing. That makes me feel more comfortable, enjoyable, and feel like writing is my friend. 

Then the author talked about keys to be a successful writer. This was related to the book “how to write a lot”. This reminded me again about how can I write successfully. Allocating the time, having a writing community, being persistent, and continuing the passion are all key success.

For Day 2  which is about selecting a text for revision. I am not quite sure what is it about. As I understand, it might be hard to start writing a new article, so we can revise the article or any writing that we have. Make ourselves be familiar with academic writing. And then the author mentioned about many different kinds of texts that offered particular challenges. This is very interesting to know what are editors looking forward to see from our papers. These are what I get from this point.

  • We can use survey to write an introduction to an article.
  • Our paper should provide a fresh contribution.
  • The 101 participants is an awesome sample size.
  • Evidence to support our research is important.

And the last part of the Day 2 writing, I came up with the summary of my research.

Title : A study of a perception of impact of STEM educators in the US.                                           

Class/Conference : NA

Professor/Moderator : Dr. Jeremi London

Date/Semester : Spring 2016

Length : NA

Done for Day 1 and 2!!!!

Have a great day!! 🙂



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