Mar 17, 2016

Day 3-5!!!!

From day 3-5 in the book, they talked about choosing the writing site. It was fun that I we needed to reflect that and wrote in the book. I wrote that my regular writing site is Starbucks. I could spend time writing there 5 days a week. Sometimes I order coffee but sometimes not. 🙂  Not only this coffee shop, library and my apartment are also the place that I can do writing. But I just prefer Starbucks. 🙂

Why Starbucks is good for writing? I feel like I have some motivation. It’s a psychological motivation that I feel more freedom and comfortable to write. Big windows make me feel that I am not captive. It’s easier to come up with the idea. However, my apartment is also a good place, but the room is too small. It makes me think that my idea is blocked. So sometimes, I go to the library. And to start writing, I just eat good food, have a good rest, take a shower, and finally start my day by writing. 🙂

This book is wonderful because the writer also told me about the obstacles of writing which are really true and sometimes I have this obstacle too. Importantly, he mentioned the solution when we are struggling with those obstacles. It is amazing!!! So right now, no excuse for not to write.

The last part of the week 1 which is about writing the schedule for week 1 was so much fun. I never written my schedule before. However, I wrote a schedule for next week which is week 2 because it’s almost the end of week 1 now. So next week I’ll follow this schedule.And This is my schedule!!!!IMG_4347



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