Apr 9, 2016

Writing the literature review never been easy!!!

Today and the day before I spent time working on reading the book in week 5 about writing literature review. This book gave a good hint of how to find the related articles, citing hint and gave the understanding about plagiarism. when I arrived at page 144 which is about the reading theoretical literature, I have a question in mind ” what is my related theory?” Also when I wrote a literature review and method, the model paper said a little bit about theory but I was not sure which theory my paper rely on. We can talk about this at our meeting.

The citation is the interesting part. How can we cite correctly? I have a lot of questions about citation. For example, if I cite the same source in the same paragraph for two ideas, but the connection between two ideas was created by myself, should I cite both ideas twice with the same citation? The author mentioned “Don’t cite the citation”, does this mean I need to cite only the original version? What if the original version also cited from another source? What if the original version was published more than 10 years?

Plagiarism is the most challenging part. What counts as plagiarism  is still confusing. I could talk about this at our meeting. I felt like my writing especially in the method part has a lot of plagiarism because I use the same method as my model paper and I just follow its method. Sometimes just copy and paste.

The task for this week was hard, challenge and time-consuming. Since the related journal articles were not easy to find. Also reading each article took a long time, even just skimming. Ultimately, coming up with the review along the argument was very challenging.

Another point that I confused is that most journals do not have the literature review part. They combine literature review with the introduction or background. I also look at the journal that I want to submit, the structure of the paper has no literature review section. It combines with the introduction part.

Sometimes when I feel discouraged, or struggle with my work I always believe that If I do something that I never done, I will get something that I never had.

Good luck!!


One thought on “Apr 9, 2016

  1. jeremilondon says:

    Be encouraged. Writing the literature review is one of the most challenging parts of the paper to write– especially when you are new to the research area. Hope this brings some consolation that you are not alone in this struggle, but it does get easier over time. I’ll try to address some of your questions; others we can discuss during the research group meeting.

    Because there is little literature on what the impact of research means, there are few established theories. So, in this case, I would say we don’t have an theory undergirding this work. What we do have is the research impact framework that was developed by researchers at Cambridge University (I think). They developed a framework of the connections between the inputs of research and the various stages at which impact happens. This framework serves as a lens for our study as we strive to trace the path from research to impact in the context of STEM education research.

    Let’s talk about proper citations with a concrete example as opposed to abstractly. For now, keep track of all citations related to your ideas. I’ll help with figuring out how to properly cite them when we meet and/or are in the revision phase of research.

    As for plagiarism, this is another topic that easier to talk about with specifics. For now, if you use the same words as others, put ” ” around the words, make note of the author, the reference, and the page number.

    Again, conducting a literature review is challenging because it requires immersing yourself in the existing studies related to your work, discovering connections between the articles, and communicating what’s missing from the existing work and how our study helps fills the holes in what is currently a gap. Reviewing the literature is certainly an important part of research, but it’s definitely not an easy one. Sounds like we may need to regroup this week and set a new deadline for moving forward on the literature review for your paper (and that’s totally fine.)

    Keep hanging in there! I look forward to this week’s research group meeting. Sounds like we are going to have some rich discussions.


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