May 26, 2016

I’m happy that our paper is not exactly the same as that paper!!!!

After I felt like it’s not really to productive to work at home, I decide to go to Starbucks to work. Can’t believed it’s pretty productive here. I don’t know what and why makes this place is good for getting ideas.

I decided to search for articles but I used different keywords. I thought since our paper is about STEM education, why didn’t I focus on STEM. I felt like the first one I just touch on STEM just a little bit. Maybe we just assumed that people are familiar with this field. But this time I tries to focus on STEM and surprisingly I found some interesting papers.

The paper that I sent to Dr.London is about the perceptions of science faculty. The title is “Fostering Change from Within : Teaching Practices of Departmental Colleagues by Science Faculty with Education Specialties”. The title is co abstract to me. But when I skimmed through it, I found they talked about perceptions and pretty much similar to what we are study, especially the interview question which is “What impact or influence do you feel you have had in your position?”  I was so excited that I could find a model paper for our second paper and it will make easier or at least we have a reference that we could tell people how our paper connect or differ from existing paper about impact in STEM education research.

  • The motivation is not about funding. It’s about there has been increasingly hiring of Stem faculties in education specialties but those faculty themselves have not been formally queried about their perceptions of the impact of their professional efforts.
  • They mentioned that prior works just do survey which produce limited descriptions of their perceptions. This is similar to what we are doing since we want to gain deeper understandings about their perceptions so we decided to do qualitative. But this study used mix methods. They also used quantitative to analyze the prevalence of themes.
  • The findings showed that there are three arenas of impact on science education: undergraduate science education, research in science education, and K-12 science education. But they just focused on the impact on undergraduate science education which has the most impact.
  • They found that there were six emergent themes representing different types of impact.  1) Influencing faculty teaching practice
    2) Changing curriculum
  •                  3) Supporting teaching assistants
  •                  4) Contributing to academic assessment
  •                  5) Fostering involvement of undergraduates in research and Promoting student diversity and retention
  •                  6) Differential reporting of themes by SFES from different institution types
  • They describes each theme in three parts including quantitative overview, sample quotes, and a visual summary.
  • I think the findings are overlapping with our results, like influencing faculty teaching, changing the curriculum. SO we can discuss that our results are similar to previous study but also different in some aspects.
  • Their focuses are not started from research like our study so I think our study is pretty unique.

However, I still feel like I want this paper to be like Kuruvilla’s paper. It’s very simple and organized. But this paper could be a good reference that we could tell people that our paper give them more insights of broader impact, not just only undergraduate or academic impact.

Have a good night 🙂


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