Aug 10, 2016

One fine day!!!

Thank you so much Dr.London for another interesting article. This article is “Technology for Learning Mathematics : What Can We Learn from Large-Scale Studies?” It’s a short article but very interesting.

It talked about how can technology change the world of mathematics education? With the rapid growing of technology, it should be the way that technology could make a significant change to improve mathematical learning. The key for turning the world is that the technology should be effective and could be applied in the large scale. Then he showed some examples of innovations including graphing calculator, ASSISTments tool, and SimCalc approach. Those technologies could make it easier for instructors and students to use in the classroom. Finally, he said that there’s a big effort in scholar communities around the world to accelerate mathematical learning to be easy, effective and friendly to everyone.


This article reminded me the interview of the researchers. It’s pretty similar in terms of how they want to make an impact in their field. But this researcher, he aimed to improve the mathematics education which is a great great mind of him. I really appreciate his effort. It could relates to the motivation of our paper that there’s a bunch of people who ‘ are doing something impactful. They know their goals, they know what will be the impact of their work. These people could be able to communicate the impact clearly. However, there’s a lot of researchers who are not able to talk about the impact of what they are doing.

Have a good night 🙂


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