Sep 2, 2016

Good Friday!!

Today I just stayed at home. Since I only have class once a week, I feel like my life is having less of a college’s life. However, after fall break, I might say something differently. What I have done today is to upload relevant literature into Mendeley. But I still have some more to finish. Other than that, I read the article that Dr.London shared to us. I like this paper because it’s short lol, but great.

The author gave the wonderful insight of how impact measurement should change from focusing on the number of citations or publications to the real impact since the funding bodies require to document the potential impact of research on economic activity. We should have a better and thoughtful impact measurement. The authors mentioned ideas of the standard approaches for evaluation, for example, identifying and measuring inputs and outputs. I like the point that she mentioned that the measurement should be able to trace what scientist do and how it transition to economic activity. This means we should focus on the activities of people rather than just the publications.

Honestly, I did not get the point of measuring the economic activity. But the notion about the importance of tracing what and how researchers do is absolutely relate to our project. It seems like our paper will make a big impact on how to measure impact. What we do could be another way to measure the impact because we could illustrate the activities of people from conducting research to impact. No matter what somebody adopt the work or implement in research in their contexts, they are all impact. Hopefully, our project will help researchers to identify their impact, also help the research community to figure out the better and thoughtful impact measurement.


Have a good night 🙂


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