Sep 7, 2016

Big change!!

After the meeting yesterday, I knew that we will have a big change for our paper. Since the pathways seemed to be overlapped, we decided to combine some pathways together. Here are the changes that I have done so far :

  1. Combined output to conduct research
  2. Combined pathways together.  As the discussion in the meeting, we decided to leave 6 pathways. However, when I thought about it again, I felt like the pathway “Conduct Research → Integration  → Impact” is the subset of the first pathway. Because this pathway represents the teaching which is the integration in the classroom. So I combined this pathway in the integration pathway. Moreover, the pathway”Conduct Research  → Dissemination → Integration → Participation → Impact” is closely related to the adoption pathway which people integrate the research output that they know from the dissemination in their context. So I combined this pathway to the adoption pathway.
  3. Changed the pathway framework
  4. Changed the table of proportion of pathways
  5. Edited the description in each pathway

As I revised in the pathway, I knew that there were a lot of redundancy in the original. This looks more concise and clearer. I worked on the new document because I knew that I will make a big change so I would like to keep the original work. However, we can combine our work together when Dr.London finish the discussions and conclusions.

We are almost there!!!

Have a good night 🙂


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