Oct 1, 2016

Finally, I’m back!!

My sincere apologies that I didn’t update my research for a long time. I just finished the application for ASU Igniter Challenge. I spent all my time working on this project. I wanted to do it since last year and I did not want to feel bummed out if I didn’t do it. Fingers cross, I would go into the final round.

So today I did two things for our paper. First, I created the summary of perceptions of impact. The table comprises of the pathway, the objects of impact, and the impact. This table will help to understand the overall results of the study and make it easier to write. I also shared the document to Dr.London. I think this will help Dr.London to understand what I wrote in the paper in the elaboration section.

More than that, I edited the paper again. I made some changes, especially for the elaboration. I reduced the number of quotes and  edited the sentences. It’s good to go back to research after leaving it for a while. I’ll continue editing the research for tomorrow. I’ll put all of my effort on it because it should be done asap.

Have a good night 🙂



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