Oct 2, 2016

Nice rainy day!!

The weather today is reminding me about my home country. We have so much rain and I like it. I’m happy to the plants in Arizona that they could get more water to live their lives. Even though they transform themselves to survive in the desert, they still need water. Like us, some people might looks so strong and seem like they can take care of themselves. But they still need love and caring to live their lives.

Back to what I did today, I was done for editing the elaboration of the impact. I made it concise, but I also made sure that people will get a useful information. However, I still have some struggles about the impact towards collaboration. I remembered that we talked about the collaboration of researchers with instructors and others which should be combined in the integration pathway, because it’s in the step of conducting research. The problem is that the researchers did not say the impact on them. So what should be the impact on those collaborators? Or should we report the fact that they did not give the insights about it?

What I interpreted is that, as the collaborators worked with the researchers, whatever researchers make an impact on, the instructors partially contribute to those impact.

Have a good night 🙂


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