Oct 9, 2016

Good day!!

I would love to say thank you for Dr.London again to be flexible with the timeline for RED project. It maks me feel so comfortable to produce a great work. Today I continued coding the question about the challenges in their institution. There are 3 interviews that I could not be able to code since they were not clear and I did not get the idea. However, 6 interviews were enough to see the patterns of their perceptions. I would like to have an one-on-one meeting with Dr.London this week. If Dr.London figures out the time to meet, please let me know.  Here is the overall result from coding:


Have a good night 🙂


One thought on “Oct 9, 2016

  1. JSLondon says:

    I am available on Thursday between 10:30am – 2pm. Is there a time that works for you within this timeframe? (Email me please) We can meet over Google Hangout. If all goes well, I’ll be done editing your other paper then too.


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