Jan 20, 2017

Good day!!

Last week we had Josh as a new member of our research group. I’m glad to see that our research group has been growing. It’s great to see the big picture of what we have doing in the RISE group and it seems like we have a great progress. By the way, my task of this week is to analyze the data focusing on the research question ” In what way that research could have an impact in engineering education?”

After analyzing some data, I found that this research question is not easy to investigate and it’s very challenging. Because the way that research could have an impact could be anything. This reminds me the first study about the perceptions of impact in STEM education. After reading the whole transcription, the answers for this question are not limited to the particular question that Dr.London asked about the impact of research on engineering education. Participants also tell something which is related to the impact of research in other questions, for example, they talked about the impact of research in the question about their roles in the department.

However, I’m still excited about this project because I’m really interested in the topics. The knowledge that we will find in this study will be very important and useful in the future. What I see about the impact of research in engineering education is aligned with the impact in STEM education. I see the object of impact. When people talk about the use of research in faculty development. It reminds me about the instructors as an object of impact. Also, the activities, for example, conducting workshops, are similar to the activity checkpoints that we studied before.

What I do in this analysis is not finding the probing question about the how research affect engineering education. But I need to read the whole transcription to extract the answer that potentially describes how research could have an impact in engineering education. Also, I will perceive the answer in multiple dimensions that we could make a connection of impact similar to the first paper. Eventually, the results from this study will depict the framework of how research have an impact in the engineering education field.

In my opinion, this research question is more challenging than other research questions that we discussed before. I’m not sure that I understand the scope of the research question correctly. If I get off the track, please let me know.

Have a good night 🙂


One thought on “Jan 20, 2017

  1. JSLondon says:

    Hi there! For this one, you might be over-thinking it. For this one, focus on the one response immediately after I ask the question “In what ways might…” My hope is that this analysis can be done quickly (like less than a week). We just want to pull out the examples they mention so that we can pass this information along to Parth. We will address broader issues related to how research can have impact when we get the third analysis. Hope this helps!


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