Feb 16, 2017

Great meeting!

Yesterday I had a research group meeting and it was a great meeting as usual. We discussed our projects and shared great thoughts to improve our work. Josh and Wen’s projects are very interesting and they are very progressive. Their hard work also motivates me to keep up the good work.

We discussed a lot with my projects and here are some actions that I would do with my work:

  1. In question 1, I need to code more about the activities that the participants do in the way of engaging with engineering education research. Moreover, I need to code about whether the activities appear or do not appear in the explanation of how the activities influence their role.
  2. In question 2, I need to leave the response separately from question 1.
  3. In question 3, I need to organize my code based on how the participants talk or focus about different stakeholders.



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