Feb 23, 2017

Finally, I’m back!

In the past week, I was busy with my project working on the data preparation for the analysis. However, I spent my time working on research and I completed a few tasks including;

  1. Applying the code that we discussed with Dr.London to dedoose
  2. Creating a document with the codes of the influence of engineering education research on the engineering education and I will share a file with Dr.London and Parth
  3. Creating the logo for impact to serve as a logo for our research group and further uses and the logos are shown below
  4. Coding more about the activities that the participants do in the way of engaging with engineering education research, also coding about whether the activities appear or do not appear in the explanation of how the activities influence their role

In this week, I’ll continue analyzing the data about similarities and differences based on the insights that we discussed in the last meeting to be ready for the inter-rater reliability investigation in the next meeting.




2 thoughts on “Feb 23, 2017

  1. JSLondon says:

    Great job on all of your research activities! You’re making great progress. I look forward to the discussion on inter-rater reliability next week. (Most likely, I’ll do the IRR with you over the Spring break, so having it set up by the end of next week would be good. Let’s chat more about it when we meet.)

    …and have we discussed how talented you are with visuals?!?!? 🙂 Well, it’s a great time to remind you– you’re talented in a lot of ways, but especially with visually conveying information. Thanks for the examples of logos. Can you upload Photoshot files for all four to Dropbox (and let me know the location)?

    The one in the bottom left (with the pendulum-concept) is my favorite! Let’s iterate on that one. More specifically, here’s some suggested modifications:
    1) It’s also hard to tell what is inside the magnifying glass in the first ball of the pendulum. In light of that, can we go with just the magnifying lens (but nothing inside of it)?
    2) After making these other changes, can you generate a couple of version of it with different colors scheme? The white letters on top of the orange are a little difficult to see, so maybe having deeper/richer colors would help. For example, try one with a deeper blue and brighter orange, and one some of the pink/purple colors you used in the top-right logo (with the multiple circles). (I like the white letters, btw. They match the color of the images in the pendulum balls.)
    3) it’s hard to tell what the image in in the last ball of the pendulum (on the far-right). Can you change it to include a globe/the world (to communicate societal impact)?
    4) Can we slightly switch the order of the images in the blue pendulum balls to communicate that scientific impact comes first, then contextual, then societal? So this would mean that the book icon would be first, then the people, then the building, then the world.

    Create a new blog with the versions and I can continue to share my thoughts in comments.

    Again, awesome job! You’ve exceeded my expectations!


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