Feb 28, 2016

What a good day!

I’m glad that my day was productive today. I accomplished many goals like working out in the morning, reviewing Rstudio, having a meeting, and finalizing a research logo. In our meeting, we discussed a lot about the logo. We tweaked it a little bit. Moreover, we had some time talking about a reflection of my work so far and goals towards the end of the semester.

Based on the discussion, I finalized the logo and here is how it looks.



I do like it a lot but I’m still open for any suggestions. If I could make it better, I would love to do that.

We also talk about the goals for the rest of the semester. After the discussion, I will be responsible for 6 main tasks before I complete my degree at ASU. Here are the bucket lists:

  1. Creating a logo
  2. Revising and resubmit the “Pathways to Impact” paper
  3. Finishing the analysis of similarities and differences
  4. Drafting an intro of the similarities and differnces
  5. Creating a poster about the overall project for ASEE
  6. Drafting the results of similarities and differences
  7. Working on the 3rd analysis

Moreover, we discussed the timeline of my work and here is what we have:

Feb27 – Mar3 ==> Logo + Analysis of similarities and differences

Mar6 – Mar10 ==> Draft the results of similarities and differences + Poster

Mar13 – Mar17 ==> Revision and resubmit the paper

Mar20 – Mar24 ==> Drafting the introduction of the similarities and differences

Mar27 – Mar32 ==> Completing the tasks above

Apr3 – Apr28 ==> Working on the 3rd analysis

This looks great! I can’t wait to get them done.

Have a great night!


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