Finally, we have a logo for our research group. We are “RISE” research group. We are passionate about an impact in the field of STEM education, particularly engineering education. RISE stems from Reseach Impact in STEM Education. RISE also reflect the improvement and increase of the understanding of how research in STEM education have an impact.

The logo comprises the acronym RISE, the description, and the symbol of a pendulum. The pendulum refers to the impact. When one ball hits another, it will transfer the force to another creating a never-ending movement. Inside each ball contains a symbol of impact.




We define impact in 3 broad areas which are a scientific impact, contextual impact, and societal impact. The symbol is conveying the impact in these three terrains. The pendulum contains 5 balls. The first ball refers to conducting research which is the initiation of impact. The magnifying glass refers to the activity. The book refers to the scientific impact. The next balls reflect the contextual impact related to an impact on people and place. These two balls are closer together because they are the same kind of impact. The last ball which contains the earth refers to the societal impact. The societal impact is also the broadest and most impactful.

The symbol also reflects the movement of the pendulum and shows the consistent with the name of the research group which is “RISE”.


I would like to create a simple but classy logo. The colors are mainly navy and light blue. Navy and blue are related which could convey the connection between research and impact. Moreover, the downward curve in the text RISE reflects the movement of the pendulum.


This is our logo for RISE research group!!



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