Mar 8, 2017

Spring break!

I’m glad that I didn’t have any plan for a spring break. I’m happy that I have time for doing my research. However, I’m really sorry that I could not accomplish the tasks for this week. I’m still working on the analysis of similarities and differences. At this moment, I’m working on the last question which talks about the topics needed to be studied. I’m glad that I could finish the fundamental change yesterday. I the last question, I’m done with two stakeholders. I aim to finish the analysis tomorrow. Then I want to review all the codes and check whether there are some redundancy and make sense or not.

In the fundamental change section, I have a question about the answer of one participant about the articulation of impact. I do not understand what it said. So the fundamental change is ” the actual articulation of what impact means that aligns with impact”. I would like to understand the meaning of this phrase so I can figure out on how I put them in the codebook.

My sincere apologies

Have a good night 🙂




One thought on “Mar 8, 2017

  1. JSLondon says:

    Hi there! I could speculate about what this means, but without seeing the context, it’s difficult for me to say for sure. Let’s talk through it at our next research group meeting.


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