Mar 31, 2017

Time flies!

Time flies when we’re having fun. I couldn’t agree more with this saying. Like what Einstein said, when we are happy, two hours are like two minutes, two years are like two months. My journey in the U.S. almost reaches the destination. I feel like I just came here a few months ago. It’s good that all hard work will pay off soon but it’s hard to accept that I will leave this beautiful place.

This morning I had a meeting with Dr.London. Even though it’s a short meeting, I had a great discussion about the unclear thoughts on impact framework. The changes in teaching if the instructors are related to changes in skills. But if they change themselves in a long-term in their practices, we would define as a change in behavior.

One last thing that we talked is about my work towards the end of the semester. we prioritized my to-do list including:

    1. Revising and resubmit the “Pathways to Impact” paper
    2. Finishing the analysis of similarities and differences
    3. Drafting the results of similarities and differences

Have a great day!



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