My name is Narongrit Waree (Ton), a graduate student majoring in Education Policy at Arizona State University. I am from Thailand and Fall 2015 is my first semester at ASU. I like living here so much and I never missed home because here “I feel like home “.

I believe that passion drives success. If you have a passion, it means that you are reaching the goal. My passion is not just coming to the US to study but also dedicate my passion to motivate the passion of other people.  When we know what we want, it’s easy to find how can we make it happen.

I worked as a high school teacher for six years in Thailand. This job gives me the best opportunity to improve myself and it gives me such a great moment of my life. I believe that everyone can be a teacher, but not everyone can be a good teacher. I respect everyone who dedicate themselves to  their students and I would like to be the one who support them. This led me to focus on policy and I wish I could support and improve the education in my country.

Another passion of me is traveling. Traveling also give me a great moment. When you go to new places, meet new people, see new culture, you will learn some new things and become open minded, understand and accept the differences. That can fulfill your life and make yourself enjoy living in this awesome world.