Last meeting of Fall 2016

This Tuesday we had a great last meeting. Over the past semester, I had a great time working with Dr.London and all of my colleagues. We had an opportunity to wrap up about the current project. We also talked about the goal over the winter break and the next semester.

Goals for the winter break:

  1. Dec 1o : Finish applying codes in Dedoose
  2. Dec 17 : Finish drafting the results for paper 1
  3. Dec 31 : Finish drafting the results for paper 2

Moreover, over the break, I will spend sometimes immersing in the data for the new project. I will listen to the interview and do memos. After memoing, I should come up with the questions that we would like to explore and the data allow us to answer.

That’s all my plan over the break.

Have a great holiday everyone.